Alright, legends, get ready to have your socks knocked off! We’re diving headfirst into what we consider the best jaw-dropping views that make Arrabida one of Portugal’s best. Grab your camera for this one, you don’t want to miss these!



Arrábida Miradouro

The most famous viewpoint of the park. If you ever been in these mountains you have probably been here. Hundreds of people  stop here daily to take an iconic photo from the hangliding wooden ramp to the views of endless blue. It is truly an amazing spot and one of the most instagrammable.



Lion King Rock

(we named it this way)

A spot known mostly by climbers as it stands in one of the trails to the natural rockclimbing walls of Arrabida. This view feels wild as it is and you stand in a rock like the one in the movie. 

The best part is that most of the times there is nobody there so you will feel like the king/slash of the hill. The scenario is the endless blue of the ocean, the beach of Creiro and Portinho da Arrábida and usually you will be hearing the singing of the cicadas and watch the swallows fly around.

Good chance to see this, is in our rockclimbing trip so don’t miss your chance.

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