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If you are here is because you are one step closer to meet the wonders of a paradise we call HOME!

Here, where the blue water meets the green of the mountain, you can find the amazing beaches everyone talks about. But there is much more to Arrábida than it’s amazing beaches.

Here are 10 places you can’t miss in Arrábida: (scroll down)

1 - Cape Espichel

It's the second most western point of Europe. Here lies a sanctuary that dates from the XV century and dinossaurs footprints with more than 200 million years. The views to Lisbon and to the Atlantic Ocean are breathtaking. A must-see when in Arrábida. You can find more about it in our daytrip "Discover Arrábida".

2 - Creiro Beach

One of the best and easiest beaches to reach. This beach connected to Portinho makes the wonders of hundreds of visitors and locals everyday with large areas of white sand and blue waters. It is a very well equiped with restaurants and adventure companies that provides tons of activities to fill your day. Kayak to Pedra da Anicha, paddle along the coast or just enjoy the sun and it's clear waters. A must stop if in Arrábida.

3 - Sesimbra's Castle

Also known has the Moorish castle. It is the oldest fortress of Setúbal district. It was conquered by the 1st king of Portugal. The views that it offers from high ground, makes it mandatory passage if you're in Sesimbra.

4 - Bacalhoa Palace

Part of the famous winery of the art collector José Berardo. Located in Azeitão, it holds the stories of many generations. Filled with typical portuguese tiles, green vineyards and a huge collection of artifacts is a must to any art lover.

5 - Lapa de St.Margarida (St.Margaret's cave)

A hidden cave inside the Arrábida mountain with amazing sights to the Sado river and the ocean. To reach it, you need to first face more than 200 steps, but we promise you it is worth the effort 🙂

6 - Arrábida Convent

Also hidden in the mountain and facing the river, this mysterious building was once a place for monks who wanted to retire from their previous lifes, and live from what the mountain provided. It is now being explored by a private foundation, "Fundação Oriente" and they allow visits every Wednesdays and Sundays with previous booking. Know more about it in our best-seller daytrip: Discover Arrábida.

7 - Galapinhos Beach

We could not let this beach go aside this post. Nominated the best european beach destination of 2017 by the European Consumers Choice, this is our "Caribbean". Clear waters and clean white sands makes makes this beach one of the best spots to be during the summer.

8 - The Livramento Market

This market was considered by the magazine USA Today one of the most famous markets in the world. The diverse trade that takes place there, the decoration of typical tiles in the walls, the huge columns that supports the place makes it a mandatory stop if you find yourself in Setúbal. Want to try something local? Ask for a bifana and rosé and end with a ginja for breakfast 🙂

9 - Bocage's square

This plaza has it's name in honor to one of the most important figures of the city of Setúbal, Bocage. A bohemian poet known for it's like for women and booze, but most importantly, it's poetry. Here you can relax, have a coffee, or maybe a moscatel de Setúbal. Altough it can get busy sometimes, you always feel this serene atmoshphere around. Surrounding it you can find a lot of important buildings such as the municipality, the oldest tavern in town "Adega dos Passarinhos", and the church of S.Julião.

10 - Palmela Castle

Initially an islamic ocuppation it was conquered by the first king of Portugal. It's geographical position gives you the most astonishing view over the city of Setúbal and over the surrounding planes that separate it from the Tagus river. Palmela is a small village nationaly renowed by its gastronomy and wines. In September it helds an anual festival celebrating the grapes festival, where people from all around come to celebrate, watch live concerts and drink the Moscatel of Setúbal.

We know there is a lot more about Arrábida than these places but we will leave it for future posts or when you come on one of our tours 😉 Hope you guys enjoyed it! See you soon.


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