10 Portuguese foods you can’t miss if you visit Portugal

Everybody knows that a big part of travelling is about trying local dishes especially if you are a foodie like myself. Portugal is no exception and can offer you some really unusual and tasty gastronomical experiences. Today I bring you 10 … Read More

15 Weird Portuguese Expressions

Did you know the Portuguese Language is on the top 10 of the most spoken languages in the entire world? Yes, we are a small country but our language goes way back in the days, and some of our ancestor’s … Read More

10 Outdoor activities to do in Arrábida!

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10 places you can’t miss in Arrábida!

Hey everyone! If you are here is because you are one step closer to meet the wonders of a paradise we call HOME! Here, where the blue water meets the green of the mountain, you can find the amazing beaches … Read More

The Tour Experience

The Arrábida Daytrip: Our best seller! This was filmed and edited when I began touring around. It was my first experience with GoPro and Adobe Premiere. I havent´t touched it since then but I promise to use this post as … Read More

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Ibn Battuta

Hello world!

Hello! My name is Miguel and I am a tour guide at inArrábida. I am creating this blog to share with you all the wonders of the unique nature park we live in, some of my adventures and other curiosities … Read More