Did you know the Portuguese Language is on the top 10 of the most spoken languages in the entire world? Yes, we are a small country but our language goes way back in the days, and some of our ancestor’s sayings have survived through time and are still used nowadays. (I have listened quite a few during my childhood 😊)

Today I bring you 15 Weird Portuguese expressions:


1. Tira o cavalinho da chuva!

Translation: Take the little horse out of the rain

Meaning: Don’t even think about it!

2. Não adianta chorar por cima de leite derramado.

Translation: There’s no point in crying over spilled milk.

Meaning: There’s no point in mourning over past things.

3. Cão que ladra não morde

Translation: A barking dog does not bite.

Meaning: Used when someone talks to much but has no action.

4. A cavalo dado não se olha o dente.

Translation: You don’t look at a tooth on a given horse.

Meaning: You should not be picky when you are given something.

5. Grão a grão enche a galinha o papo.

Translation: Grain by grain the chicken gets full.

Meaning: Step by step you will reach your goal.

6. Ir com os porcos

Translation: Going with the pigs.

Meaning: To pass out or to die.

7. Estás a cuspir no prato que comes!

Translation: You are spitting on the plate that you’re eating from.

Meaning: Being ungrateful for someone who is helping you out.

8. Quando um burro fala os outros baixam as orelhas.

Translation: When a donkey speaks the others lower their ears.

Meaning: When someone talks, you should shut up and listen.

9. De boas intenções está o inferno cheio.

Translation: Hell is full of good intentions.

Meaning: Good intentions are not enough if you don’t put them into action.

10. Pimenta no cu dos outros é refresco.

Translation: Pepper on other people’s ass is refreshment.

Meaning: Used when someone has so much to deal with, that the other’s issues are no problem for him/her.

11. Pão pão, queijo queijo.

Translation: Bread bread, cheese cheese.

Meaning: One thing is a thing the other thing is another thing.

Make it simple! (the Portuguese style)

12. À noite todos os gatos são pardos.

Translation: In the night, every cat is dun.

Meaning: The lack of info makes everything looks the same.

13. São muitos anos a virar frangos.

Translation: Many years turning chickens.

Meaning: To have a lot of experience and knowledge on a subject.

14. Estás com os azeites!

Translation: You are with the olive oils.

Meaning: Used when someone is grumpy or in a bad mood.

15. Vai pentear macacos!

Translation: Go comb monkeys!

Meaning: If someone said this to you, it’s time to leave.

It’s generally used when someone is annoying the other and you want them to leave.




And that wraps it for today! Hope you enjoyed and a special thanks to Carolina, Beatriz and António Silva for remembering me some of these expressions.

See you on your next adventure,

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