The Nature Park of Arrábida is full of wonders, culture, history, stories and things to discover. But it is also the place for the more adventurous ones.

Here are 10 outdoor activities to do in Arrábida: (scroll down)

1) Scuba diving – Whether you’re a pro diver or just want to try it for the first time, here is the place to do it. The still and clean waters of this paradise give you clear visibility to the numerous reefs and shipwrecks underwater.

2) Rock climbing – Want to climb on the natural walls of Arrábida? We got you covered. From the beginner to the advanced walls, vertical or horizontal the Nature Park of Arrábida provides numerous spots with breath-taking views.

3) Biking – Ride in paradise in the windy roads of Arrábida or challenge yourself on the steep trails with a mountain bike. No matter your specialty you will find outstanding paths in the Nature Park.

4) Stand Up Paddling – We have already mentioned that this reserve has still and calm waters but that doesn´t mean you can’t sail it on a board. That’s where Standup Paddling comes in! And it is not as easy as you may think. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

5) Trekking – Everybody knows that walking is healthy but when you do it in Arrábida it has a different feeling. Walk along the coast with the beautiful beaches and the ocean’s horizon as background or step it up and hike the steep trails of the mountain!

6) Horse Riding – Go on a horse-riding experience through the dense vegetation of Arrábida and with the bird’s singing as a soundtrack. An old lord’s house that has now been turned into a luxurious hotel, hosts these amazing experiences in their huge farm at Arrábida. (even Madonna tried it :P) Check out Hotel Casa Palmela for more info.

7) Paragliding – If heights is not an issue for you and you’re an adrenaline addict you have to try Paragliding! Fly from one of the highest points of the mountain and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with the most beautiful perspective of this paradise.

8) Snorkeling – We mentioned scuba diving already but you can still explore the underwater world with the minimum gear and still be amazed by the quantity of fauna and flora that is presented at small depths.

9) Kayaking – Grab a paddle and a Kayak and ride along the coast of Arrábida. Discover hidden caves and visit the rocky island of Anicha.

10) Coasteering – One of our favorites! With dynamics of rock climbing, swimming and cliff jumping (lots of cliff jumps!), coasteering is the ultimate experience that you need to try!


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