A week from Hell!

Hi everyone! Feels good to be back!

This was one crazy week. During this week you probably have heard of Mel, if not don’t worry just follow this post and you will.

This is Mel:

Mel is our family dog, our furry daughter, our company’s mascot but also our friend. On the 25th of January Mel runned away and disappeared. We made several contacts to local authorities, dog kennels, associations, locals and nobody knew nothing about her.

We were desperate. We reached almost a MILLION people through social network but still it was not enough. We made hundreds of Km through car, bike, walking and everyone we would talk to already knew about her.

This morning, Carolina and our two other dogs went for another desperate walk. Art the oldest one in the pack just started running away and once he was called back, he was doing crazy spins like he was delivering a message. And he was! Out of nowhere Carolina heard her crying and what she found was unbelievable:


Mel had been inside this well for 6 days with no food and only water provided by the rain.

She was of course very skinny, but besides that she had no broken bones and no major injuries besides her nose that was a bit scratched. What a warrior!

Thanks to Wind, our partner in outdoor activities we now had the knowhow to set a security system to rappel to the well and take her out safely. João, our friend from Beyond Adventures was a key piece in all this.

All of this happened suddenly, while I was heading on to a tour with Rebekah and John from Australia, our guests of the day. Such amazing people!!! I’m so glad I got to meet them. Even without knowing us well they always showed great compassion. At the very first day we lost Mel, they rescheduled the tour to another day so that we could have more time to look for her, and today without hesitating for a second they helped us on this operation never thinking of the tour that they had purchased.

Once our rescue was complete we still managed to get them a glimpse of our paradise and had them try our food and wine. Everyone was happy in the end but more important family was reunited again.

We don’t have enough words to describe how grateful we are to everyone who helped us. There is more good people in the world than bad people and this gives us hope for the future.

Thank you so much from the inArrábida family💓

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  1. Iolanda Silva

    So happy for you guys

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